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The Camps that Turn Gamers into Creators!

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We have 10 NEW very popular camps curated for kids who love to build, create and design - including Artificial Intelligence, Redstone in Minecraft, Esports and much more!!

When you register for a Full-Day Camp, your child will attend the AM camp and PM camp for that week. Please make sure to check out the schedule.
  • Week Long Camps are Monday - Friday
  • Morning Camps: 09:00AM - 12:00PM
  • Afternoon Camps: 12:30PM - 03:30PM
  • Full Day 09:00AM - 3:30PM
  • Lunch break for Full Day Campers: 12:00PM - 12:30PM
  • We do not provide snacks or lunch at the center. Campers bring their own nut-free snacks/lunch.
  • Full day camps bring nut-free lunch and remain at the Center during lunch time.
  • Call us if you need after-hours care! We have options available for late pick-ups.

JR Camps - Ages 5-7

Aug 19-23 (AM Camps)

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Ninjas will experiment with video production through a variety of mediums including Claymation, LEGO Minifigures, paper cutouts, and more. Capturing images frame by frame, they will produce videos in a rapid prototyping style. Ninjas will work on various shorts including magic trick illusions, a 3-part story, walking character animations, and more.

Jul 29-Aug 2 (AM Camps)

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Want to make your own Roblox game but don't know how to code? Want to code but not sure where to get started? Join the adventure in CodeCombat Worlds on Roblox, where you code-to-play, and build the skills needed for creating your own amazing Roblox games. The playable learning levels teach the fundamentals of coding in Lua.

Aug 5-9 (AM Camp)

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Ninjas will explore game design in Minecraft and Roblox, entering pre-built worlds with activities that teach key concepts about replicating the physical world in games. Topics covered include building construction, communities, flight simulation, and more.

SR Camps - Ages 7+

Jul 22-26 (AM Camp)

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Created for new and experienced Roblox players, this Camp teaches Ninjas how to build and explore new worlds. During the week, Ninjas will program and create their own 3D Worlds to share with the Roblox community locally and globally.

Jul 22-26 (PM Camp)

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If you love Roblox and want to get started with building your own games, this camp is for you! You will learn the basics of game building in your own 3D Roblox worlds. No experience required.

Jul 29-Aug 2 (AM Camp)

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Ninjas will create retro-style arcade games with Microsoft MakeCode Arcade. Throughout the camp, Ninjas combine the power of coding with game design to enhance their programming skills and develop games inspired by classic platformers, adventure games, and more! At the end of the camp, they will bring their games to life on handheld gaming devices to play and share with friends.

Jul 29-Aug 2 (PM Camp)

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Prepare your children for a future shaped by AI. Our camp teaches the basics of AI development through coding, games, and robotics, empowering young ninjas to create their own innovations.

Aug 5-9 (AM Camp)

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Designed for artistic ninjas, this camp offers a creative platform for showcasing digital art skills. Exploring tools like and Makecode, participants will delve into game design, crafting everything from sprites to backgrounds for 2D or 3D games.

Aug 5-9 (PM Camp)

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Tailored for older Ninjas, this camp utilizes TinkerCAD to teach coding, design, and 3D printing. Ninjas explore their creativity, crafting custom models such as bubble wands and phone stands. The week is dedicated to designing and printing, filling their 3D Dojo with unique creations.

Aug 12-16 (AM Camp)

For seasoned Minecraft players, this camp transforms Ninjas into game masters, customizing tools, weapons, enemies, and more. By camp's end, Ninjas can export their mods using Minecraft® Java Edition for friends and family to enjoy at home.

Aug 12-16 (PM Camp)

Competitive coding has never been so epic! Ninjas will take part in a game design challenge and esports coding competition that will empower them to get creative with code. Designed with a quick onramp, Ninjas will learn the basics of coding and game development early in the week, develop their own game and present it for judging as part of a design competition.

Aug 19-23 (AM Camp)

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Ninjas will experiment with video production through a variety of mediums including Claymation, LEGO Minifigures, paper cutouts, and more. Capturing images frame by frame, they will produce videos in a rapid prototyping style. Ninjas will work on various shorts including magic trick illusions, a 3-part story, walking character animations, and more.

Aug 19-23 (PM Camp)

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Attention Minecraft® masters! Learn how to use code to control a virtual robot in Minecraft®. You can even program it to complete all of the boring tasks in Minecraft® for you…That’s right! Teach your robots to dig, farm, build, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you offer FULL DAY CAMP?

Ans: YES! We designed our camp schedule specifically so kids could have 2 amazing camp experiences in one week. Just book the AM and PM camp or the FULL DAY Camp option which is already available for certain weeks. The time in between each camp will be supervised lunch time at no additional cost.

Q: What if my child is older/younger than the posted age(s)?

Ans: These are suggested ages to get the most enjoyment from camp, but we are flexible if your child is experienced or prefers a younger camp. We are happy to accommodate, however we cannot accommodate 1 on 1 help for the duration of camp as our ratio goal is 5:1. Please feel free to call us before you register!

Q: Do I need to provide anything for my child to attend camp?

Ans: We provide all the tech, equipment, and materials.

Q: Is lunch included?

Ans: No. If your child is staying the full day, you can pack them a nut-free lunch, and we will provide the supervision at no additional cost. Also we recommend a snack and water bottle for all campers. We do not provide snacks.

Q: What is a typical day at camp look like?

Ans: We start each day with a fun ice breaker and overview of the day. Activity 1 will run for 45 to 55 mins, followed by a "brain break" / snack / STEAM activity for 15 mins. If weather permits, we head outside for fresh air as well instead of the indoor breaks (some kids choose to stay indoors when it's hot, so we have staff in both areas to supervise). Then we resume Activity 2 for another 45 to 55 mins followed a little free time then closing circle to recap the days learnings. Campers then depart or head to our lobby for their supervised lunch.

Q: Do you provide before and after care?

Ans: YES! Each child is an additional $25/hr per day. Before care would start as early as 8am and after care would be as late as 6:30pm. We will need to know at least 1 week prior for before/after care.

Q: My child is a neuro-divergent learner, can you accommodate them?

Ans: YES! Although our staff does not have specialized training for neuro-divergent learners, we do provide specific training on how to engage with the neuro-divergent children, to ask parents for input, and in rare situations, if a child is having a tough time, we will not hesitate to contact a parent to seek their advice or have them be picked up early. Although we do not offer refunds, we are happy to have your child come in to our Dojo ahead of camp season, to try a free coding session to see how comfortable they feel in our environment. Our goal is to be inclusive, accepting, and supportive in every way we can so all kids may experience the joy of camp!

Q: What is your refund policy?

Ans: Respectfully, we cannot process any refunds and no exceptions can be made for any reason once registered for a camp. Pro-ration, making up missed sessions or refunds for missed session is not permitted. We can however provide a credit for the paid value to be used for another camp before the end of August 2024. Camp credits must be either used before the end of summer camp 2024 season or within 90 days of credit issued.

Q: Do you offer any discounts?

Ans: YES! Register before March 31st to get an early registration discount of $40!

Q: Are all camps priced the same?

Ans: Pricing is the same for most of the camps but for some camps it varies, as it includes additional licensing/material fees.

Q: Are there any late pick up fees?

Ans: Campers will be placed in extended care (min 1-hour fee of $25) if not picked up 15 minutes after camp ends. Ages listed for programs are recommendations only. Contact us if you have questions specific to your child.

Q: Am I allowed to transfer to a different camp after purchase?

Ans: FEEL FREE TO MAKE ONE FREE TRANSFER, subject to the availability (change from AM to PM cap or vice versa, change to another week). This transfer must be requested by email two weeks before camp start date, with no exceptions. Subsequent changes will be automatically charged $75 per change. We are not able to transfer your camp to another location as each location is independently owned. Transfer from sold-out camps are not permitted. For transferring from higher fee camp to lower fee camp, you will forfeit the difference. For transfers from lower fee camps to higher fee camps, we will automatically charge the difference using credit card on file.