Code Ninjas CREATEâ„¢ is an after-school program for students aged 7-14 years old. This program is a serious education and is offered year-round. Students will be able to learn computer science by designing their own video games.

We Meet The Standards

At Code Ninjas, we are committed to delivering top-notch computer science education to students across the globe. To accomplish this mission, we have developed a curriculum that aligns with internationally recognized standards.

Our programs are designed to follow the Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) Computer Science Standards, which have gained worldwide recognition. In the United States, state standards for computer science education are largely based on the CSTA standards. Similarly, Canada Learning Code is developing a framework that closely resembles the CSTA CS Standards.

Moreover, our programs are also aligned with the National Curriculum for computing programmes of study in England. This dual alignment ensures that our students receive a comprehensive and relevant education that caters to the specific needs of their region.